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FINALLY! An Easy Way to Keep Track of All Your Moving INFO WITHOUT Losing YOUR MIND!!
ONLY $14.95 $9 today!
If you've ever moved with kids before, then you know there's A LOT you need to keep track of!
Moving can be stressful, there are so many details, and with little ones around it can seem almost impossible to get anything done!
I get it, I'm a mom of 3, and my family has moved just under ten times since my oldest was born 7 years ago! Including a couple cross country moves.

There was the packing, and then repacking (into random boxes) what the kids unpacked, because I didn't know which boxes were for which rooms.

The headache of transferring services, such as internet and electricity. And then making sure we didn't get charged for two locations for the same time. 

Or, that we didn't lose the wifi password after the tech left; that would be devastating this day in age!! Because then we would have to make yet another phone call; wasting time on hold that we could be spending unpacking or helping our kids get their rooms how they like, so they will finally stay in one place while we keep moving boxes in.

It can be a real hassle to move, especially with kids!

That's why I created the Moving Planner!
Because relying on your memory for every single thing you need to update your address for will seem impossible.

And trying to find that post it note you wrote your wifi password down on will disappear on you in the chaos of unpacking!

That's why I created this planner, so you can have everything in one place, so nothing gets lost or forgotten! 

Whether you like old fashioned paper and pencil or enjoy using your phone for everything; this planner will help you stay organized while moving!

From finding a home suitable for your family to cleaning your old home for the very last time.

Knowing what and when to do certain things in the moving process; in calendar or list form!

Staying in budget.

A checklist for updating your address, along with special 'transfer' pages for more important places, such as keeping track of your childs old doctors office info and their new doctors office info (starting on page 11).

Discover the 10-step process for moving in a month with one vital step most people miss that will help you keep up your energy and save you money!

Can be printed out to use or most pages you can fill out right on your computer, phone, or tablet with the free version of acrobat reader!!

And, so much more in this 60 page digital moving planner!

What You'll Find Inside This 60 Page Planner:

Front Page with space for old addressnew address

Finding the 'Perfect' house worksheet

1 month calendar

A page for important dates

Suggested schedule + tasks for final month before move

Change of address checklist

New login info page

School transfer & doctor/dentist office transfer worksheets (so you can keep their contact info all in 1 place!)

Utility transfer worksheet

Moving Budget worksheet

Moving Companies worksheet (to help you choose the right company)

Moving day Schedule worksheet

Tips for moving with kids

To do list worksheets (+ old home cleaning checklist)

Box labels (for heavy/fragile boxes & room labels)

Color coded door labels for rooms

Notes Page

Printable moving cards (so your friends and family can update their address book- if anyone has those anymore!)

And more!

Print or Edit on your phone, computer, or tablet; it's up to you!!

14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Moving is stressful, but it doesn't have to be! 

When it comes to the paperwork side of things, and making sure things get done that YOU know needs to get done; you shouldn't feel more stressed.

This planner is designed to help you stay organized in the moving process; whether you print it out and keep it in a binder or keep it handy on your phone to fill out whenever you think of another thing to add or update.

If for some reason you feel this moving planner is not what you expected or won't help you stay organized, you'll have up to 14 days to request your money back.

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