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FINALLY! A Simple Workbook to Encourage Kids to Develop Healthy Habits FOR LIFE!!
ONLY $8.95 $5 today!
If you've ever moved with kids before, then you know there's A LOT you need to keep track of!
Do you have trouble getting your kids to want to be healthy?
Inside this workbook, your child will find 20+ worksheets to help them start creating their healthy habits.
It was designed with little ones and big kids in mind. (Recommended from preschool age and up.) To encourage healthy habits early on and to keep those habits through their entire lives!

That's why I created My Healthy Habits Workbook for kids!
If you're a mom who wants the very best for your kids, like we all do, but maybe need some guidance in how to encourage healthy habits in a fun and enjoyable way; then you'll want to download your childs very own 'My Healthy Habits' workbook to start encouraging them to be healthy now!
This workbook will help your child:

eat healthy foods (fruits, veggies, protein, and more) and avoid junk

drink plenty of water

eat a variety of foods giving them a variety of nutrients

want to exercise

feel good about themselves

want to read

and more!

Creating, or encouraging your children to start, healthy habits now will help them prevent chronic health issues later in life.

Print as many times as you want!!

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